Missions we support


Cortes Family

Mother- Ann, Sons- Danny, Johnny & family, Daughter- Jenifer

Serving Puerto Rico in a Christian School and Church

Shiwdat Family

Gurudatt & Nadira Shiwdat (son- Nathan)        

Serving in Suriname, South America Reaching Hindustani For Christ

Jay Orvis and Family

Wife- Brenda, Sons- Michael and Josh

Ambassadors for Christ, International- US  

Serving in India and Indonesia

Hewitt Family

Chris Hewitt ,Wife- Nicola, Children- Joshua and Katie.  

Cross World- Kerusso Orchestra 

Serving in Brazil

Pastor, Ed Ormeo; Ed Soledad

The Amazing Grace Mission Ministry  

Serving the Filipino people

Bill Welte

America's Keswick- Colony of Mercy & Women of Character  

Serving the people with drug addiction.


McGraw Family

Mike and Patsy McGraw  

Baptist Bible Fellowship International  

Serving the Sioux Indian Nation in Lower Brule, South Dakota

Floge Family

David and Inger Floge, son- Noah, Daughters- Emma & Anya.  

Pioneers; Serving in Thailand

Dr. Tim Lee, Evangelist